Long Distance Relationships

You meet the woman of your dreams, but she isn’t from where you are.  You fall in love, claim to love each other forever.  However, things are temporary as she has to leave.  You promise to stay in touch and one day love will bring you back together again (To paraphrase the great Taylor Dayne…lol).  However, as time goes by, the communications becomes less passionate, the timing more erratic.  You go from unseparatable lovers to monotonic friends to near strangers.  The dream you have to become united again in a foreign land becomes a distant memory.  One day, you begin forgetting what she looks like and you meet another woman.  She isn’t the woman that she was, but she is kind, pretty and available.  You make the decision. 

I’ll always love you, but I am leaving our dream behind.  I am beginning life anew.


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