Leaving KC

People would tell me that I was lucky because I was getting the heck out of Kansas City. Kansas City is a place you left once you could, to go out into the bigger world and make a name for yourself. The people left behind are the ones considered the “losers”, the left-behind’s because nothing ever happens here.

Now I am in Seattle. It is a different town. Many of my co-workers are not from Seattle, but from elsewhere because Seattle is one of those destination towns. Texas, Jersey, California. I have family here, but right now, Seattle feels cold and dreary, similar to the weather. My new company is hip and cool, all my fellow employees are outgoing. However, I am still the outsider, I haven’t been accepted fully into the pack. So at this moment I miss KC.

Who knows what will happen in a couple months. My KC friends are telling me to visit. Right now, I would if my job didn’t keep me extremely busy. But like a breakup, the first few weeks are always the hardest and perhaps time and new friends will help me get over my longing to go back to KC.


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