Seattle is different.  Everyone is a hipster, but they hate the word.  No one knows how to drive here.  There is an air of passive aggressiveness on everyone’s lips.  Everyone is nice, but most people aren’t friendly.  I have made a few friends here, mostly from work.  If I were back in Kansas City, I would have had dozens of friends right now.  I think I am trying, but I just have no stickiness with people here.   Maybe I stick out too much by being too mid-westernern, or too Canadian for people.  I am not sure.  Maybe my mentality of just being plain spoken doesn’t resonate well with the people here. 

Still, one of my best friends here is from New York, and in the 6 months I have known her, everyone I meet with her loves her, but she secretly tells me she has no true friends here.

Is it Seattle, or do I not fit in here?  

I told my boss that if a position opened up in Kansas City, I would be more than happy to transfer back.  That shocked my boss, who has a lowly opinion of the flat, worn out city.  However, to me, Kansas City isn’t one of those Rust Belt cities.  It is vibrant, alive with people who always seeming to be as interested as they are interesting.  

Both KC and Seattle people are represented by their weather.  KC can be extremely hot with blindingly sunny weather with tornadoes, while Seattle is often dour with rain and a constant temperature that is neither hot or cold.   

I do love the scenic hikes and the lakes, and the proximity to Vancouver and Portland, metropolitans with infinitely more personality.  However, a town isn’t made by how interesting it’s architecture is, or the breaktaking scenery.  A city is a collection of communities and these communities are made up of people.  If you don’t like the people, you will never like the city.


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